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Vintage Virgin Japanese Plastic Earrings_101Vintage Foil Glass Earrings_102Swaroski Pearl Flower Drops_103French Vintage Foil Earrings_104Vintage and Artisan Lampwork Necklace_105Artisan Lampwork_105Vintage Beads, Swarovsky Pearls Necklace_106Vintage Seed Beads Necklace_107Pressed Glass, Swarovski Crystal, Vintage Seed Beads_107Vintage Virgin Plastic Earrings_108Pressed Glass Necklaces Earrings_109Handmade glass, Swarovski Pearls & Crystals_110Glass and Swarovski Cystal Earrings_111Handmade Foil Glass and Vintage Seed Beads_112Virgin Vintage Japanese Plastic Earrings_113Pressed and Lampwork Glass Bracelet_114Pressed Glass, Swarovski Crystal Earrings_115One-Of_A-Kind Artisan Glass Necklace_116Bracelet Swarovski Spun Glass_117Lang Vintage Sterling Pin with Amber Glass_118

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